For decades, Bill Cosby played the sweater-wearing gentle father figure on The Cosby Show. A long running television series about the Huxtable family, a happily married couple raising their four children. Cosby played the ever loving father always keeping his kids in line and guiding his children toward smart decisions.

The universal father figure is now being accused of drugging and raping dozens of women throughout his prime in the limelight. Back in 2005, Andrea Constand from Cosby’s alma mater, came forward with allegations that Cosby drugged and molested her at a home in Pennsylvania in 2004. But the local prosecutor declined to file charges against the well-known celebrity due to lack of evidence. Shortly after, a second women, Tamara Green, came forward with a similar story. Cosby denied all allegations. However, Constand decided to file a civil case against Cosby, which included allegations from Green as well as 12 other women who wished to remain anonymous. The matter between Constand and Cosby was settled outside of court in 2006 and America soon after seemed to brush the whole thing off as a farce. Was Cosby innocent or was whatever Cosby offered in return enough to keep everyone quiet? Either way Cosby’s reputation remained intact.

But despite Cosby’s best effort, the whole thing blew up late last year when a comedian, Hannibal Buress, deemed him a rapist on stage at a performance. The performance was caught on video and went viral, opening back up the can of worms Cosby thought he tightly shut back in 2006. Cosby’s team went on the offensive, once again denying all allegations and even threatening to press charges against the comedian. But the wildfire already spread, now more than 40 women have alleged that Cosby drugged, sexually assaulted, and even raped them. This even includes some high-profile women like supermodel and TV personality Janice Dickinson and model Beverly Johnson. Yet Cosby still denies any wrongdoing.

The problem now is finding recourse. Cosby has yet to have been charged with a crime and the statute of limitations has expired on most of the cases. However, there has been a recent advancement. During a deposition in 2005 Cosby admitted under oath to obtaining Quaaludes and with the intent to give them to young women that he wanted to have sex with. So why wasn’t Cosby criminally charged then? Apparently back then, this wasn’t the damaging evidence it is now. However, this newly found evidence does not show that he actually committed any crime. The deposition only shows he had the intent to give the Quaaludes to the young women and not that he actually drugged them. Is this admission what was needed to move forward or is there still a long road ahead? Although a portion of the deposition has been unsealed, some documents of the case, including other parts of the deposition, still remain sealed. At this point some are wondering what it will take to finally expose the truth. Will Cosby ever be charged or will his years of atrocious behavior go unpunished?

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