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Heartbreak following Charlston Shooting – Dylann Roof


Dylann Roof, 21, confessed to opening fire inside Charleston’s historic black church, Emanuel African Methodist Episcopalian Church, killing nine people. Roof entered the church during a weekly Bible study meeting and opened fire on his unsuspecting victims. Six women and three men were killed.

The gunman has now been linked to a racist manifesto online, in which he details his views of African Americans, Hispanics, and Jews. Law enforcement confirmed the website belonged to Roof. The website contains photos of Roof waving a Confederate flag and posing with a handgun.

It has been said that the government should monitor online postings to try and prevent tragedies like this from happening. Often, police find somewhat of a behavioral trail online leading up to horrific events like this. But are mere words online enough for law enforcement to take action? Or would doing so infringe on freedom of speech, which guaranteed in the 1st amendment?

The family of the shooter attended an early service Sunday at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in downtown Columbia, South Carolina expressing great grief and sorrow for the victims and their families.

The historic Church reopened Sunday morning, just days after the horrific hate crime. But the question remains, can we prevent incidents like this by monitoring online activity?

Although our country has made great strides in race relations there is still a long journey ahead of us as race is a complicated matter. Mr. Cohen has represented many defendants accused of hate crimes. He understands these are delicate matters and must be handled with the utmost care. If you have been charged with a crime in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Nassau or Suffolk County contact our office at 718-275-5900
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