I was shocked to read about Hope Solo – Women’s World Cup Scandal.  I was home on Sunday and was very proud to see that the U.S. women’s soccer team defeated Japan in a 5-2 victory. This outstanding win comes four years after their devastating loss against Japan in the last Women’s World Cup Finals in 2011. These ladies came into the 2015 Women’s World Cup, in Vancouver, Canada, looking to avenge their previous loss and they did not disappoint!

Carli Lloyd, the U.S. teams newly appointed captain, scored twice in the first five minutes of the game on the way to becoming the first woman to score a hat trick in the World Cup final. Soon after, U.S. midfielder Lauren Holiday stretched the lead to 3-0 after a Japan defender headed the ball straight up in the air inside the box. Lloyd then completed her remarkable hat trick with a kick from midfield over the Japan keeper’s hands, which led to Lloyd ultimately winning the Golden Ball for best player in the tournament at the ceremony thereafter. Japan finally showed up mid first half with their first goal of the game over the hands of U.S. goalkeeper Hope Solo. Solo has been said to be the greatest female goalkeeper of all time. Solo also won an individual award on Sunday, the Golden Gloves, for being the best goalkeeper in the tournament. Japan then continued to push forward with their second goal of the game off U.S. defender Julie Johnston’s head. However, U.S. midfielder Tobin Heath reasserted their domination by putting up another goal in the second half making the score 5-2.

The American women have now won three Women’s World Cup Championships, more than any other country. But the American team is no stranger to disappointment, both on and off the field. This past year world-class U.S. goalie Hope Solo was arrested on domestic assault charges for allegedly assaulting both her sister and teenage nephew at a home in Seattle, Washington. Police reports detail that Solo arrived at the home drunk and angry. The U.S goalie and former Olympian was said to be held without bail in south King County jail. Solo was facing up to six months in jail if she were to be convicted of the two misdemeanor counts of fourth-degree domestic violence assault. However, the judge agreed to dismiss the charges on the condition that she attended a training camp.

But the star studded goalkeeper is no stranger to controversy. In 2012 Solo tested positive for a banned diuretic substance she claimed she didn’t know was in medication prescribed by her doctor. However, she was still allowed to compete in the 2012 Olympics. In addition, just days after the domestic violence charges were dismissed she was involved in a DUI incident while driving the Team USA soccer van, which ended in the arrest of her ex-NFL star husband. Nonetheless U.S. Soccer once again allowed her to continue playing with a minor suspension of just two games during the regular season. From there Hope Solo went on to not only an unbelievable 2015 Women’s World Cup victory on Sunday but was also the Golden Glove recipient.

So is there a double standard here?

We have recently seen multiple men apart of the NFL, like Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, put on suspension and even kicked out for domestic violence incidents. Adrian Peterson, a member of the Minnesota Viking, was suspended for almost the entire season due to allegations of child abuse before recently being reinstated. Infamous Ray Rice, who was a member of the Baltimore Ravens, was unequivocally kicked out of the NFL for an altercation caught on video between him and his current wife at an Atlantic City hotel.

So why does U.S. Soccer get a free pass on how they choose to discipline their athletes? Numerous sports fanatics were calling for NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell’s head after not taking the domestic violence allegations against several NFL players seriously enough. While these well-known NFL athletes are on the brink of losing if not have already lost their careers U.S goalie Hope Solo is deemed a superstar. Was the evidence just not there to penalize Solo or was there another reason?

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